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We provide Workshops, Traning programs (Long Term – Short Term) for Colleges, Corporate and individual students looking to upgrade their skill set with Digital Marketing.

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Are you tired of sophisticated Jargon speaking Digital Marketing Agencies? Time has come for you to hire someone who speaks Digital Marketing in a simple layman language.

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Learning A to Z of Keyword Research

SEO Starts with “Keyword Research”. You cannot and should not start an SEO process without knowing what you are targeting. Keyword research in layman language is the process of finding the right keyword for your website / blog or web page. And it is also the most...

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How To Be A Social Media Marketer?

Social media marketing; the concept, the practice, the methodology, is the thing of the hour. Clearly the inevitable! It’s amazing how social media has come a long way in last few years. It’s impossible to imagine life without social media now. From sharing personal...

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Do you really need a Career in Digital Marketing?

Marketing Professionals from across the globe have already declared traditional methods of Marketing as a form of marketing which will die very soon. Over the years, from being an obscure field of study to a right career choice. Digital Marketing has come...

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

When I am teaching Digital Marketing and the topic is SEO. I get questions like ” What is SEO and how does it work?” “How does SEO work with Google?” “ What is the use of SEO?” I thought of writing a blog to address all the questions. To start with, SEO stands for...

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What is Digital Marketing?

What exactly is the definition of Digital Marketing? What are the ways of digital marketing? What are the benefits of digital marketing? Are the three questions answered in the blog? Let’s start with the first one “Digital Marketing Definition” Before you give me lame...

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Why Content is “The King”

There is something fundamentally wrong with how the success of Digital Marketing is judged today. All Digital Marketing consultants explain to their customers is the growth of their fans on social media platforms. Why Content Marketing is So Important? No one wants to...

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What Wikipedia can’t tell you about Facebook Marketing

Wikipedia only tells you what Facebook, the company is. The worth, the brand, etc, etc. Wikipedia does not tell you why the entire world is on Facebook. Wikipedia does not tell you, why in the shortest time, Facebook has become synonym with Social Media Marketing. And...

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