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We provide Web-based courses, Traning programs (Long Term – Short Term) for Colleges, Corporate, business owners, freelancers, and individual students looking to upgrade their skill set with us in Digital Marketing.

Our programs/workshops/courses are conducted in-house or at Client’s location depending on Requirements.

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Are you tired of sophisticated Jargon speaking Digital Marketing Agencies? Time has come for you to hire someone who speaks Digital Marketing in a simple layman language.

We offer Digital Marketing Service in form of Easy to understand Monthly Subscription Plans.


3 Free Keyword Research Tools

Before we start the blog, let me ask you a simple question “Why do we need tools to research keywords when we have google keyword planner. A tool which is available for free?” Google keyword is a good keyword research tool to start the first step of SEO Keyword...

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Best way to build a website for beginners

The best way to build a website for beginners is to use wordpress. I assume, the question you want to ask me is “What is a web site design blog doing on a digital marketing blog?” Let’s just say “it all starts with a website”. You will struggle if you do not know the...

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4 P’s of Digital Marketing

One of the problems with today's generation is that they have habit of over complicating things. The other day I came across a group of marketing professionals who wanted to learn Digital Marketing. Since I am personally learning the same in a Digital Marketing...

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5 Benefits of Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing? To understand Digital marketing, let’s try and understand what is “Marketing”. Marketing is a broader term inclusive of activities including on promotion, advertisement and all aspects of sales. Because of gradual changes in technology,...

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What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing in layman language can be defined as a form of marketing where you use internet on a digital device as a medium to promote your product or service. How is internet marketing different from digital marketing? That’s undoubtedly a million-dollar...

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Best Free Social Media Plugins for WordPress

How do you connect your website to your social media accounts? Is there an easy way to show social media updates, know the shares of accounts or integrate a comment box using Facebook on your website? I am flooded with similar questions during our training. Today,...

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How To Use Google Keyword Planner for SEO

The last article I wrote to kickstart your keyword research for seo was to give you a layman view of how keyword research works. The article primarily focused on the creation of an initial list of keywords without using any tools (paid/free). I did not introduce...

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