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10 years back SEO ruled the world of internet-based promotions. Social Media and its benefits were unheard of. Any company you spoke to, had an SEO team analyzing keywords, building backlinks, etc, etc,

It was a crazy race to build as many backlinks as possible in the minimum time possible.

The target was to reach the top of rankings in the shortest time frame possible.

Rankings meant traffic. Traffic meant business.

Social Media for Business Marketing

Social Media for Marketing

And then something unexpected happened.

The God “Google” decided to punish the mortals of SEO World for manipulating the ways of business.

Google screwed everyone’s happiness by making their new algorithms play havoc.

They used the names of cute birds and animals to perform the ugliest of acts possible.

The pandas, penguins, hummingbirds, pigeons were unleashed to bring sanity to the world of SEO.

The punishment was given, so as to make search engine a better place.

The regular updates were introduced to differentiate genuine content creators from manipulators.

While the SEO world was busy fighting google’s frequent updates, a new trend started on the Internet.

The concept of selling via social media. The Google God (Zeus) had competition.

The Facebook, Linkedin, twitter, quora of the world were like a light at the end of a tunnel. (thank god, it was not a train). Yes. There was hope. The Digital Marketing world still had some hope.gave a lifeline to the SEO Marketers suffering from the wrath of Google.

Due to my reluctance to adopt technology (I am still old school), I entered the social media world a little late.

But when I did. It was an eye-opening experience.

I dug in deep to understand how the brands all across the worlds are selling via viral content.

The whole world was talking “social media”. The benefits of social media for internet marketing could not be ignored.

Not that Google lost its relevance. Google still holds the market share when it comes to promoting your brand via the internet.

Still, social media was the new trend. A medium, where you could at least make some predictions. You were not at the mercy of Google.not as tough to crack as Google is today.

Soon the SEO guys suffering under the wrath of google rechristened themselves as Social Media Experts.

And the world of Social Media Marketing was never the same. Within a short time span, every digital marketing agency worth their salt was pitching the benefits of social media for internet marketing to customers.

Companies had started hiring online team for “Social Media Marketing”

Social Media gave an affordable platform for startups to promotions at a fraction of the cost they would spend advertising using Google Adwords.

While the penetration of social media proved to be a blessing in disguise for startups, Its sudden entry overwhelmed startups. They started using every platform to promote their brand.

A trend which led to every company being present on every social media platform possible.

They focus on the campaigns were lost.

They forgot, you are just inches away from becoming an unpopular business in the social media world by not following the right techniques on social media marketing.Today, most of the startups I see are confused in formulating a solid SMO strategy of their business.

Today, most of the startups I see are confused in formulating a solid SMO strategy of their business.

What they do not realize is the user target base of each platform is entirely different. For ex, Facebook and LinkedIn are like chalk and cheese.

What you promote on Facebook cannot always be promoted on LinkedIn.

This blog is a simple guide to benefits of social media marketing for business.

How to use social media for marketing your business.

I will cover the 3 popular platforms (the ones on which I have experience) for you.Based on my experience, here is how you should use each platform effectively for your business.

  • Facebook:

Do you have a bakery serving the yummiest cakes in the town? or are you an event planner looking for customers?

Look no further. Facebook is the perfect fit for you. In fact, Facebook is the perfect platform for companies in B 2 C space.

You can as blindly make Facebook as a part of your promotion strategy.

Let’s understand Facebook a little more.

Facebook’s user base consists of users who are there to have fun. I call Facebook as a parallel life they live.

There are people who are introvert in real life turning to extroverts on facebook. There are those who share opinion and then there are the promoters, who will like, share your post religiously.

In short, the Facebook user base is there to have fun.

The strategy to post on Facebook should revolve around mixing content. The content can range from links, blogs, news, banners to videos.

The ideal frequency of 1-2 post daily for new brands works on Facebook.

For established brands, the number can go a little higher.

One important point to remember while promoting on Facebook is to avoid spam activity.

If Facebook finds too many posts on your page not invoking any fans reaction, your page will suffer. Facebook Marketing tips are covered earlier in one of my posts.

Read it to get a fair understanding of how Facebook can help your brand grow.

  • Twitter:

Twitter is 140 words of knowledge/opinion. Every business worth promoting on social media should be here.

I call it the wittiest way to promote your brand. As they say “Brevity is the soul of wit”. Twitter tests your smartness by letting you express in the minimum words possible.

Short, Simple and smart.

In minimum words, you can share updates/posts and connect to your user base smartly.

A quick tip or twitter posts is to Post relevant, witty stuff using the right hashtags. The hashtags in Twitter are to tag your content with relevant topics.

If promoted correctly, your brand will automatically pick up.

You can use Twitter to interact with your direct user base by allowing them to report issues, give them promotional offers or share tips.

  • LinkedIn:

The social network of professionals is strictly professional. You ought to be here if you have a B 2 B enterprise.

Please do not share “How many likes for supporting poor kids of Somalia” or some funny gig you shared on your business FB page.

LinkedIn users hate the FB stuff coming on LinkedIn. One of the reasons they are on LinkedIn is because of the Business community.

LinkedIn can help you in establishing your authority as a leader in your business domain.

You can spread your knowledge by using your page updates or writing blogs (pulse). You can also use Linkedin to post jobs, connect and interact with relevant users.

Use it smartly to leverage the huge database of related professionals on the platform.

From what I have read, youtube is again a good platform to promote your brand using relevant videos (know-hows, tips, tricks, etc).

Another smart way of pulling traffic from social media is by using Quora.

Quora is a place to answer questions and get recognition in your area of expertise.

You can use Quora to pull traffic to your website by establishing yourself as a prominent name in the topics your right ( read: How to use Quora to get traffic to your website)

The important point to note for startups is that they do not use the wrong content on the wrong platform.

Users on social media are there for a reason. You have to give them a right mix of content to keep them engaged with your brand. Don’t overdo social media marketing. Do not use the wrong platform and you will get results.

Also, do not self-promote. The more you self-promote, the worse your brand gets. Let me reiterate, no one is on social media to like some X brand promoting a Y product. They are all there to have fun or find the best of things (news, videos, pics, etc).

Use your strategy rightly to build a bond with the user base and see your brand grow.

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Jasmeet is one of the brains behind The Sharp Brain. Although, not the sharpest brain amongst the team he gets to lead the team because of the "founder" designation next to his surname.

He shares his startup experiences at http://lessonsatstartup.com

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E-Book For You

How to Convert Social Media Traffic into Leads

Seperate CRO facts from fiction & stop wasting your time on outdated strategies that do not work.


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