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The best way to build a website for beginners is to use wordpress.

I assume, the question you want to ask me is “What is a web site design blog doing on a digital marketing blog?”

Let’s just say “it all starts with a website”.

You will struggle if you do not know the fundamentals of website building. You will be dependent on your web designer/developer for eternity.

Trust me, it is never easy to chase them and get them to update the website for minor updates/changes. Not to forget the hassle of emailing them and waiting for their response for a simple update such as fixing a spelling mistake.

Before you get a heart attack here is a non-technical method to help you learn the best way to build a website for beginners – learn wordpress (we non-techies do get a heart attack, when someone comes to us and tells us “You must learn something which has “coding” in it”).

I can vouch for wordpress as the best platform in market for a non-technical person to quickly design and develop their website.

Most importantly, it is the easiest and simplest method to develop a website. A method, where you do not have the slightest of dependency on your developer.

You are someone who can anytime update content, images, meta titles, meta description as per your convenience.

Here are few facts about wordpress:

  • WordPress was released on May 27, 2003
  • The Global Website Leader : Powers around 27% of websites around the World
  • The CMS Leader : Around 60% share in Content Management System (CMS) Market
  • Multi-lingual CMS : 56 Translations are available
  • WordPress websites can easily be setup for SEO and SMO
  • Some famous websites on WordPress:
    • The New York Times
    • Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy
    • People Magazine
    • National Geographic
    • Forbes

And Wordpess has captured the market share of all the existing Content Management Systems in last few years.

Here is a graph to demonstrate the growth of wordpress:

why wordpress

(source: https://om4.com.au/wordpress/market-share/)

What makes WordPress so famous is the ease of using the platform.

Anyone who has a basic understanding of web can use WordPress to quickly design and develop websites.

Furthermore, WordPress is free to use. It has a huge directory of themes (free and paid) available online to help you select the best theme for your business.

You also can quickly optimize your website for Social Media and Search Engines using WordPress.

Add to above, the plugins and widgets available in WordPress to help you add features to your website, which without WordPress will cost you a lot of money and time.

Before I go overboard pitching WordPress, here are few questions answered with reference to WordPress (note: I am not getting paid to write good things about the platform. It’s purely out of my love for the platform that I am writing this blog):

  • Is it possible to build a new WordPress website at an existing domain?

Yes. All you need is a WordPress hosting which is available on all the major hosting providers today. You can quickly setup WordPress (as easy as clicking a button) and WordPress is ready to launch on your existing domain name.

In between, do not forget to update DNS of your domain name to the new WordPress server space. (for any queries, contact the server team from where you buy the server space. They should be able to easily help you)

  • Can I use WordPress to build a website?

WordPress is a Content Management System which allows you to build a website on top of it. Think of it as an engine running in the background where all you do is put a design on top of the engine.

While the design makes the engine look beautiful, the engine tirelessly in the background helping you manage your website.

The easiest way to build a website using WordPress is to find a WordPress theme matching your requirements and install it.

The add-on functionalities can be provided by plugins and widgets.

And if you are looking for something advanced, you should try the divi framework. Their divi builder platform is a powerful tool to help you design your own outlay of pages.

You can learn more about the same from the tutorial on YouTube: how to use divi theme in WordPress

  • How many hours are required to build a website on WordPress

WordPress Installation -> 10 minutes

WordPress theme setup -> 30 minutes

And you have wordpress up and running with the website of your choice. The time estimate I have written is the time to setup a basic website on wordpress. The complex ones can take longer depending on the theme and functionalities.

  • How hard is to it build websites on wordpress?

From one non-technical person to another – it is not at all difficult.

In fact, learning wordpress is the best investment you will make.

Why I write this is because businesses are moving online. Today a business without a website is not a sustainable business.

And the more you learn about managing your own website, the easier it gets for you to update the website on your own in future.

Not only will save time and money, you will learn a skill which will remain with you forever.

Still wondering whether you should learn wordpress or not?

I have trained a lot of working professionals, entrepreneurs, students till date. WordPress is one skill they say has changed the way they approach websites today.

What was earlier a difficult web designing thing has turned into a simple process where wordpress handles the tougher job of giving you functionality and design, you only need to put the right content (text, menu, images) at the right places.

Today, most of the students trained by us are managing their websites without using any help from designers and developers.

Most of them are from the non-technical fields and backgrounds such as marketing, human resource operations, etc.

And this is not it!

They are using new themes to try new designs. They are using new plugins to try new functionalities on their websites without paying any money to a designer or developer.

Also, they are easily able to make their website ready for Search Engine and Social Media using SEO plugins and implementing different social media functionalities.

And this brings us to the end of our WordPress blog.

What are you waiting for?

Time to learn WordPress!

maneet kaur

maneet kaur

Sr. Content Writer at The Sharp Brain
Maneet is a blogger and a content writer who uses her marketing and advertising experience to create interesting content for businesses. She is also a co-founder at Manja Box (http://manjabox.com)
maneet kaur

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