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Who We Are?


We are what we repeatedly do; Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit

About Us

We are an Affordable Digital Marketing Agency for Small Business (Businesses) and Startups. The Sharp Brain is run by a group of Digital Marketing Professionals who are passionate about creating content which engages the user.

Some of us even measure our work experience in Google updates 🙂

Our Team comprises of Storytellers, Creative Designers, Marketers, Influencers, Content Creators and the indispensable Techie Guys.

funny, witty, out of box thinkers, crazy, passionate, social media addicts and fans of “GOT”!

Those who do not watch GOT, watch Narcos.

We are definitely affordable – we only need money to buy clothes, eat food, pay office rent and pay for electricity/internet supply and we understand the needs of small businesses and startups like no one does.

We understand the type of campaigns they want. We know the style of content they would need and most importantly, we know where their Target Audience is.

We indeed are an “Affordable Digital marketing Agency for Small Businesses and Startups”

On a serious note, “We are all committed to seeing your project succeed and helping you get the perfect ROI on your investment in Digital Marketing and promotions”

What Makes us Different?

The Team Effort

We understand no digital campaign succeeds without the involvement of the End Customer. You and our Digital Marketing Agency are A Team. From Day One, you are a part of the team aiming to make your Digital Presence “A Success”.


Tailor made Campaigns

“One size does not fit All” in Digital Marketing. Our campaigns are tailor-made to suit your goals. We do an initial analysis to understand your goals and then build a plan to suit your targets. Exclusive digital marketing agency for small business.


No Jargons and No B.S!

Unlike most Digital Agencies, We talk “simple”. Our goal is to communicate your campaign’s performance in your language. Starting from the packages we sell to the service we provide, we have tried our best to be As Simple As Possible.

Old School, New Approach

We still believe “Content is the King” but we also understand the approach to promote a content is what makes the content A king. Irrespective of all the pandas, penguins rocking the world of SEO, our belief, and approach has helped us stay at the top of our game.

What Our Statistics Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our stats do the talking!

  • SEO 40%
  • SMO 40%
  • Online Reputation Management 20%


Repeat Customers

Number of ongoing Projects

Cups of coffee finished Since Inception

Amazing work. Our website today gets regular visitors from Social Media and Google. After getting my hands burned by working with a lot of so called “digital amrketing experts”, i have finally found a company which delivers.


James Martell

What you should be doing? 

Amigo! Time to Send your website link and get a “Free Analysis”.

9 + 15 =

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Work Process?

Requirements -> Analaysis -> Proposal -> Handshake -> Let’s get Rolling -> Weekly Reports -> Monthly Reports

How do you work?

We work on Client’s goals and aims. We understand every client is different. Hence, we have custom proposals for our clients keeping in mind their requirements.

Once you send us your website link, we will get back to you with an analysis of the website.

Once we get the project, you will notice The Sharp Brain has a very unique and transparent way of working. Once you are in our Client zone, You are provided access to the Client’s area and assigned an Account Manager who will help set up your services in our Client Area.

You can anytime communicate, drop a message and view reports of the progress of your work from your panel.

Can I upgrade/downgrade after signing up?

Oh yes! you can upgrade/downgrade any time once you have signed up. Once you log in as a paid member, you will see information with reference to your current package which will have information regarding the goals, deliverables, etc. You can easily upgrade/downgrade from there.

You can easily upgrade/downgrade your service by sending us a message. Also, you can anytime let us know if your goals have changed and we will modify our campaigns accordingly.

Why should we choose you?

Interesting question! Well, with us you do not have to pay hourly, understand complicated digital marketing contracts, chase your SEO guy or worse, lose money.

We work transparently delivering results. And in case you do not like our work (very rare), you are free to cancel our service within 7 days of placing an order.

Are you Guys Aliens?

Holy Cow! No. Although our guys have been trying to be in touch with extra-terrestrial for years, We have not had much of success.

We will keep you updated with our progress on our blog.




How do We Contact you?

Now that’s a secret. Our Contact details are available only to the KGBs, MI5s, Mossad, FBIs, RAWs of the world but since you took time to reach the end of our website, we are disclosing the secret to you.

You can anytime drop us an email at info@thesharpbrain.com and you shall hear from us within 12 hours of sending the email.


Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

What we are Saying!

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