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Wikipedia only tells you what Facebook, the company is. The worth, the brand, etc, etc.

Wikipedia does not tell you why the entire world is on Facebook.

Wikipedia does not tell you, why in the shortest time, Facebook has become synonym with Social Media Marketing.

And Wikipedia does not tell you How your business can succeed by using Facebook. It does not even give you the tips of marketing using facebook. 

Here is our attempt to fill the gap.

The Facebook Story:

I will not take you through the movie social network and build upon the story where a geek started a small website in college which went on to become facebook the blah-2 they showed in the movie.

We all know how Mark Zuckerberg got so rich. What we really don’t know is what makes Facebook the number one social media marketing website.

What started as a simple program “facemash” to compare and rate the photos of two persons as “hot or not” in the year 2003 by a Harvard University student, Mark Zuckerberg is today the biggest social networking website in the world.

Facebook today boasts of 1.86 billion active users from across the world.

Facebook also holds the distinction of being the second famous website in the world after google.

Today, no business can ignore Facebook. If you have a brand it has to be on Facebook.

Consider this. 1 in every 13 people on earth is on Facebook.

And this is not it. Facebook, from being a social networking website has successfully turned into a news aggregation website.

48% of young Americans said they read their news through Facebook. You just cannot ignore Facebook.

What is Facebook marketing?

Thanks to google’s constant updates, SEO has turned into an unpredictable game over the years.

While the SEO champs have been busy unravelling the secrets of how to rank high in google, google has been busy working behind the scenes outmanoeuvring the SEO Champs.

The “unpredictability with SEO” made the Digital Marketers look for greener pastures has led to digital marketing professionals turn to mediums where they have at least some control over the promotions they do.

The sheer number of users on Facebook, makes the platform a darling of social media marketers.

Facebook Marketing is the art of promoting a company’s brand/service/product on Facebook, using various techniques.

You start by setting a facebook business page and promote the page strategically to reach the target audience.

I have clubbed together all the strategies I have used to promote small businesses on facebook under 5 tips.

Here are successful 5 Facebook Marketing tips for internet marketers:

  1. Every Facebook campaign kick starts with “Likes”

 Your effort will go waste if you do not have a sizable number of likes. 

Facebook users do not want their Facebook profile picking feed from a page which is “so new” in the market.

Facebook wall reflects what users follow, what they like and what they do. Hence, a new irrelevant brand might not be worthy of their Facebook page.

What I wrote above is based on my interaction with few facebook users.the common path followed by maximum Facebook page users before they decide to like your page.

The bottom line is “You have to buy Facebook ads in a budgeted manner before you decide to go full throttle with your Facebook content posting strategy”.

Always keep a small yet considerable budget to get some initial likes on your page.

  1. Compliment your online Facebook presence with offline presence:

How well is your Facebook page placed along with your offline brand presence?

Is your company’s visiting card carrying your company’s Facebook link? How about your company’s address board outside your office, etc, etc?

Think of all the places where your brand is seen.

Now make sure your brand’s offline presence compliments your online presence and vice versa.

Facebook marketing will get a boost if it is complimented by the offline presence of your brand.

  1. Learn to use Facebook insights:

Facebook is one social media platform which has a very easy to use interface to understand the performance of your campaign.

Before you decide to spend some money and time running your campaign, how about you spend some time understanding how the Facebook insights section works?

Facebook insights give you a 360-degree view of your page’s users, the content they are responding to and the reach of different type of content.

Facebook insights are there to help you understand or counter the explanation given by the Facebook expert on your campaign’s progress.

Everything is written in black and white. There are no Jargons to confuse you. in a very easy to understand manner.

You can easily understand what works and what does not work with your Facebook page.

Learn to use the reporting before you decide to kick start your campaign.

  1. What kind of content works on Facebook?

Why are you on Facebook? Why am I on Facebook? Why is every single person around the world on Facebook?

What makes Facebook so addictive that every 5 minutes we login to check updates on our wall?

The answer is “interesting content”. Interesting content does not include your company flooding the facebook page with things only about your company.i do not

No one wants to like a page which is busy talking only about “themselves”.

Trust me, the biggest mistake most of the Facebook pages do is “they over promote themselves to the point of irrelevance”.

The content for your brand’s FB page should be a mix of news, jokes, inspiration messages, videos, etc. Do not shy away from sharing the good stuff from the internet. Even if it means sharing some content from your competitor’s website.

You are doing your brand a favour by picking content from other pages (with their links added to the share).

Facebook users like all social media users are suckers for good content. Even if the content does not originally come from your website, it establishes your brand’s page as a page which provides relevant interesting content.

  1. Understand your user base:

One of the biggest setbacks for any brand establishing its presence on Facebook is to see their campaign generate little or no interest from their user base. I have failed with so many Facebook campaigns. In fact, one of the recent campaigns I did for a brand did not generate any interest from the prospective users.

The purpose of the campaign was to get website clicks. All it got was likes and shares.

On analysis or introspection (after being scolded incessantly by the client) of the campaign, I realized my mistake. The user base was wrongly selected.The user base was just not interested.

There went few hundred dollars down the drain because of my negligence.

The common mistake most of the brands make on Facebook is “Not understand their user base”.

A kids’ brand needs Mommies as users, not dads. A lingerie store does not need teenage guys as users (other than the over-enthusiastic teenage guys looking for bikini models ???? ).

The message is simple “Know what you are promoting and to whom you are promoting”.

The content, promotion, user reach campaigns everything should link to your user base. Do not waste your time and energy by being too generic.

Like me, you will end up with a disgruntled client who would want a refund.

And remember “A Facebook campaign is incomplete without a proper website”

Your website needs a Facebook Like us button displayed prominently on the website and a section to show the Facebook feed. All the promotions you put on your website need to link to the FB Page.

Do not let your Facebook campaign run in isolation.

Put your best offers on the FB Page and incentivize the users who visit your FB Page via your website (or offline).

The Facebook marketing tips given above are especially relevant for small business.

Moving from facebook marketing tips to tips to help you select the right Facebook Marketing Agency:

Talk to any social media marketing expert and the first medium they will suggest promoting your brand is “Facebook”. Such is the dominance of Facebook in the social media marketing space.

The popularity of Facebook has led to a plethora of “Facebook marketing experts” flooding the social marketing space.

There are a lot of good digital marketing agencies in the market (including ours where I blatantly self-promote our brand name ???? ). Most of them are doing an awesome work working in a Yuuuuuuge (donald trump style) market. They are good brands but that does not mean, there are no scammers available.

Promoting on Facebook is tricky. On one hand, the large Facebook user base provides a wide array of possibilities to promote. On the other, targeting the large user base leaves you guessing, how much should your spend.

Facebook requires campaigns to be run optimally. i.e, every single penny spent should amount to something. You have to be optimal with your campaigns before you lose sight of the target of campaigns.

A wrong Facebook expert might just derail your campaign by overspending or target wrong user base or prepare content which does not appeal to your user base.

Ask the relevant questions before you select a Facebook Marketing Expert:

  • Explain the past case studies?
  • How did you build or establish the brand with the last client?
  • Challenges?
  • Failures?
  • How did you engage the users?

Do not ask:

  • How many likes or followers can you get me in a week?
  • How can we get quick results?

The right ones will explain you the process thoroughly and will be frank with you on their past work. The wrong ones will focus on “number” of likes and will promise you quick results.

Understand the difference in between Hourly v/s Month contracts:

Facebook marketing involves different steps

  1. Page setup (one time)
  2. Content creation (ongoing)
  3. Promotions (ongoing)

There are companies which offer hourly contracts. They charge you for the number of hours they utilize with your work.

Fixed-cost contracts per month is another way of charging hourly in the form of a monthly package. Since social media marketing takes time, there are experts who charge monthly fees per month to save the customer the agony of understanding the finer details of what they deliver in “x amount” of time.

The second package is for you if you do not want to go into the finer details of what you are being offered.

We offer fixed cost plans to our customers.

Tips to spend wisely:

  • Clearly, explain your expectations to the Facebook expert. They should know whether you are running the campaign for a long term gain, short term product launch or simple brand awareness. The simple exercise will save you a lot of money and time.
  • Spend money on getting good content written.
  • Take regular updates from the expert you hired with the job and map it to the insights report you can anytime view from the Facebook page. Ask the tough questions before you know it is too late.
  • Initial likes on Facebook, Instagram will require some initial investment in form of FB Ads. Do not shy away from running a Facebook ad campaign to get some initial genuine likes.
  • Even if you are paying hourly, do not lose track of the end goal you expected to achieve by spending “X” amount. For ex, if you are running an FB Page to make sales, there is no point in running a campaign even if you have not had sales after estimated time.

For monthly fixed cost projects, understand very clearly what you are being offered. Usually, agencies have the same size fit all packages. Ask them to customize the package to your requirements.

The signs to see a potential “rip off”

  • When 10000+ page likes do not even lead to 10% of users talking about the page
  • When the content posted on the page has no link to what your brand does
  • When the contact us button on the page barely gets clicked
  • The likes on the page see a sudden surge without impacting the page interaction
  • The content published is published without keeping the time zone of the user in mind (I would not call it a rip-off but a potential sign off the agency/expert being too negligent or stupid to understand the first rule of Facebook marketing)

Wishing you best of luck with your facebook campaign.

To learn how to use other mediums for marketing, you can anytime refer to our blog how to use social media for marketing.

Till then, May the force be with you!


Jasmeet is one of the brains behind The Sharp Brain. Although, not the sharpest brain amongst the team he gets to lead the team because of the "founder" designation next to his surname.

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