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There is something fundamentally wrong with how the success of Digital Marketing is judged today. All Digital Marketing consultants explain to their customers is the growth of their fans on social media platforms.

Why Content Marketing is So Important?

No one wants to talk about the importance of content in digital marketing or why is content marketing so important in SEO?

I do not blame them.

We live in times where numbers get your promoted. Numbers get your demoted. Numbers get you sacked and numbers decide your stature in society.Numbers are the core of living a peaceful life.

Numbers have become the code of our existence. are the core of living a peaceful life.

Ask a marketing person “What worries you the most?”. 9 out of 10 times you will hear “Numbers” as the answer.

The market is quantified to the core.

Producing good content is a task. No one wants to spend time on a task which is time-consuming and cannot be quantified.

This is where the importance of content marketing becomes less. It’s difficult to explain to your client how we can quantify good content. All they want to hear is “How many likes, shares, retweets did my website get”.

The other day I was boasting about the good work I have done with my startup blog in last few months to a client. The topic shifted from blog to social media and I was asked, “How many followers do you have on social media?”

Damn! Numbers. They are here too. Wherever we go, the numbers follow.

I use unorthodox marketing strategies like writing on quora, etc to drive traffic (i call them unorthodox because they are just not as famous as other mediums of marketing). The number of followers i have on Quora will make the worst of Digital Marketing Experts look good. But then, I have never cared for the number of followers I have.

For me, the basics of Digital Marketing start and end at “meaningful interactions” which are further diverted to specific topics I write on my blog (at times, when the article provides some value addition).

It all boils down to a simple fundamental of producing good content. I understand the importance of Digital content marketing which relies heavily on producing engaging content.

Since I started learning Digital Marketing, I have never been a great fan of “the followers”  trend in Digital Marketing space. I do try to get some initial fans/followers using FB ads, twitter ads but I stop them as soon as the campaign reach a meaningful number, the focus shifts to producing good content.

I couldn’t help but ask the other person “Why so much fuss about the number of followers? Do they actually convert to traffic to your website?”

What is the Importance of Website Content?

Aren’t we in the time when Good Content beats all strategies? (again, content marketing is least of their worries)

As per the “Digital Marketing Expert”, I came across as a person who is oblivious to the latest trends in digital marketing.

I was given the “Jon Snow. You know nothing” look.

Frankly speaking, I am at peace with knowing nothing.

The first lesson I learned when I started learning How to use social media for online marketing was “Content is the backbone of your social media or digital marketing campaign”.

Years have passed. My fundamentals with Digital Marketing are still the same.

We at The Sharp Brain, are still “the old school” guys who believe good content is what boosts Digital Marketing Campaigns. We do keep ourselves updated with latest methods of promotions but fundamentally, we stick to good content creation.

I still cannot forget the wise words of one of my mentors “Prepare useful content and see the magic happen”.

One of my blogs has 3000+ shares without a single penny spent on promotions.

I just shared the link on LinkedIn and it went viral. I could see the ripple effect of shares for next 3 days. The blog taught me the importance of Quality content & how important is content marketing.

One of the reasons I like Quora over other platforms is their priority of content over the number of followers.

You will see newest of profiles getting hundred-thousand of upvotes on an answer. Quora kind of create a level playing field for newbies and experienced Quorans.

Again, the importance is on Good Answers (good content).

No wonder, in the shortest time frame Quora has become the darling of search engines.

Type a question in Google’s search bar and 8 out of 10 times, you will see Quora’s answer come at the top.

What does it tell us?

Content is still the King!

I have lazily (I have been very irregular in last few months) built a good subscriber base to my startup blog just by writing relevant answers there.

Getting back to the traditional digital marketing methods which includes the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, etc, etc. (Quora is relatively new in market. Most of the time I get “why you are on Quora” look from people when I tell them good things about Quora).

The social network today is a cluttered space.

You open your Facebook account to see news, videos, jokes, status updates.

There is so much happening.

There are the movers and shakers who are influencing the social space which include a variety of content creators ranging from a comedy channel pitching you their latest show to a “the serious political guy next door” trying to help you make an opinion.

The one thing common in between all of them is sharing of Good Content!

The influencers are what they are because of the content they write. The content marketing (intentionally or unintentionally) makes them a known brand name in their space.

The random thought sharers become a part of discussions when they can put across their viewpoint smartly in a facebook debate started after a random post of theirs encouraged others to put across their viewpoints.

A good debate then turns from one comment to 15 comments and before you know, there are random people participating in the discussion.

Within few hours, the debate has gone viral with everyone throwing opinions. In the background, you don’t realize what magic has the good content done for the person who started the debate.

They are famous. From a nobody, they have turned into an influencer. Tomorrow, any post they write will evoke emotions and will lead to debates. They might have haters and lovers for their viewpoints, which is quite normal for anyone famous. But, they are famous.

Such is the beauty of “Content”.

Content today has the power to inform, unite and engage the readers.

I would not be wrong in calling content as the new form of communication.

Ultimately, a page with 10000 likes, followers or whatever is the jargon to quantify the popularity without any content is a dead social media account if the content does not get the followers engaged.

Without good content, you do not know the right language to interact with them and the lack of communication leads to users un-liking or unfollowing you.

How about you write some content?Let’s start a communication.

To prove my point further, here is a chart with some facts and % around the importance of content in digital marketing :

(Source :

Content serves as the apt weapon for companies to fight their competitors.

If numbers are to be believed. In e-commerce industry, content marketing costs 60% less than the traditional marketing.

70% of users prefer to learn more about a brand through posts than ads.

And, 60% enjoy reading from their favorite brand (source :

Ultimately, it is the difference of content which differentiates a successful digital marketing campaign from a failed campaign.

The influence of content in any online marketing business can create a massive impact in business and customer satisfaction.

It acts as a pipeline where customers seek for relevant information.

Find the Difference Between Content and Content Marketing:-

Here is a comparison analysis of Digital campaigns without content and with content:

Online/Digital Marketing with Content Online/Digital Marketing without Content
·         Drives more sales, customers.

·         Engages, informs and unites readers.

·         Ranks in SEO with relevant content increases ROI.

·         Creates more web traffic and thereby engages more customers.

·         Content is surely the King. It acts as the major catalyst for any online platform to work.

·         Drive no sales, no customers

·         Vaguely engages any customers.

·         Falls off from SEO ranking, ROI is negligible.

·         Fails to drive any business and customer engagement.

·         Without any content a website or any online marketing forum is like an empty vessel.

You cannot ignore the relevance of “Good Content” in the world of Digital Marketing.

Campaigns with millions of dollars of expenditure have gone waste because they could not connect to their user base. While social media users, pages have become an overnight success without spending a penny because of good content.

In the ever evolving world of Digital Marketing, Content was and is, still the king.




Jasmeet is one of the brains behind The Sharp Brain. Although, not the sharpest brain amongst the team he gets to lead the team because of the "founder" designation next to his surname.

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