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What is meant by Digital Marketing?

What exactly is the definition of Digital Marketing?

What are the ways of digital marketing?

What are the benefits of digital marketing?Digital Marketing Benefits

Are the three questions answered on the blog?

Let’s start with the first one “Digital Marketing Definition”

Before you give me lame answers from college days which are made instantly in your mind. Typically, with the thought process “DIGITAL” + “MARKETING” = Digital Marketing.

Digital would mean platforms or mediums like phone, laptop, PC with internet working on them and marketing is what it is “promotion, brand awareness of a product”.

That’s what even I thought but I am no more a college student and Digital marketing is now bread and butter for us.

So I went in pursuit of finding the meaning of the word “Digital Marketing”.

As usual, the research started with Google.

Here are some interesting definitions of Digital marketing I found on the internet

Digital marketing (also known as data-driven marketing) is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.” – Wikipedia

“The marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach consumers. “ – lexicon.ft.com

If you look closely the above definitions do not make the one given by me look so bad.

At least, I was trying to pass the right message. Although, my explanation was quite near to my 5-year-old son’s way of explaining things. I kind of got it right.

Since we know what is digital marketing (you have 3 definitions to guide you through the darkness. If they don’t convince you. Nothing will. Even google’s complicated algorithms shalt fail to demystify Digital Marketing for you), let’s move ahead and understand the medium which drives digital marketing. “Internet”.

Internet was developed as a part of research by British scientist Tim Berner Lee. It was a part of the military research project he was working on.

Eventually, what started as a simple military project went on to become the lifeline of every digital device.

Quoting Tim Berner-Lee “Compared even to the development of the phone or TV, the web developed very quickly”.

The features offered by web are amazing but what amazes me more is the speed at which web overtook every other medium in terms of growth and popularity.

Today an average individual spends approx. 5 hours in comparison to the 1 hours (approx.) spent watching TV.

Internet has our attention all the time. From finding jobs to reading news, internet is what keeps us glued to our digital devices all the time.

Looking at how fast internet caught everyone’s fancy, it was a matter of time before marketers discovered the medium where their target audience is spending most of their time.

Yes, Digital Marketing was born out of necessity to convert the wide audience on Internet into customers for brands.

As someone said, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”.

Here “Necessity: tap the huge amount of population on internet” was the reason for the invention “Digital Marketing”.

How does Digital Marketing work?

Digital Marketing works on the simple fundamental of promoting a brand over internet.

The technique of promotion varies based on the goal, target audience and budget in hand.

I will go one by one with various strategies to do Digital Marketing. You can also call them ways of Digital Marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, as it is popularly referred as is a technique to get a website to rank high on Google for relevant keywords.

Higher the rank, more the traffic. More the traffic, higher the number of visitors to your website. The more the traffic to your website, better are the chances you will make sales, increase readership or achieve whatever goal you had set up your website with.

What makes SEO the most famous is its association with search engines.

SEO made an entry in the world of digital marketing when search engines like Google were becoming the most popular websites on internet.

Today, SEO can proudly proclaim to be the oldest of the lot (all digital marketing techniques).

Despite SEO evolving dramatically over the year (blame Google and it’s algorithm), the fundamentals of SEO have not changed.

For an SEO process to work, all it takes is:

  1. A website on which SEO should be done.
  2. Relevant Keyword research.
  3. Appropriate content matching the keywords selected.
  4. On page of the website where you fix all glitches like bad design code, right tags, right keywords, etc.
  5. Competitor research to analyze what your competitors are doing to rank on top for the selected keywords.
  6. Off page work which involves link building.

And no spam techniques.

Although, SEO is the toughest of all Digital Marketing techniques, the organic traffic a website can get because of SEO makes it the darling of digital marketers.

You can anytime check the latest blogs, articles, tutorials from our team under our Search Engine Optimization blog section.

  • Social Media Marketing:

As Search Engine Optimization was born out of the popularity of Search Engines, Social Media Marketing was born out of the popularity of Social Media Platforms.

When the world got hooked on social media, Internet Marketers took notice.

It was the time when SEO was getting increasingly difficult and out of control. All search engine algorithms were highly classified secret.

SMM was the lifeline internet marketers desperately needed and when it arrived, it took the market by storm.

In India, today 66% of internet users are active on social media.

Social Media Marketing today is one of the most widely used methods of promoting a website/blog on internet.

The technique involves:

  • Setting up of an account on social media platforms. (there are so many of them. You can select one of the famous ones from the list).
  • Creating appropriate content
  • Content Promotion
  • And engaging users to convert them into meaningful traffic to your website

One of the benefits of social media marketing is the reduced dependency on Google for promoting the business.

Furthermore, social media promotion also allows you to establish your brand presence on social media (without having a website) and promote the brand on social media platform itself.

You can easily notice Facebook pages these days without any website to speak of. They provide their contact details on their page itself thereby generating leads directly from their social media presence.

Social media platform allows business owners to establish a two-way communication with end users, thereby allowing them to reach customer care faster and provide feedback at the earliest.

You can anytime check the latest blogs, articles, tutorials from our team under our Social Media Marketing blog section.

  • Paid Advertisement:

Imagine a scenario, where you do not have time to wait for results of SEO and SMM to start showing.

Let’s accept it. SEO is slow and SMM can take its own time. (I find SMM to be a little unpredictable at times).

Can businesses wait so long?

This is where paid advertisement comes into the picture.

You set a budget for your campaigns by selecting the platform you want to promote on (Google’s PPC being the most famous) and you let the campaigns roll.

The benefit is the instant traffic you can get by bidding on keywords for which your website’s link should occupy the top spot.

The disadvantage is the money you will end up spending if a campaign is not optimized properly.

Again, all the paid campaigns are an integral part of every company’s strategy. Even SEO, SMM requires a shot in the arm to get some traffic flow in initial days.

You cannot wait until eternity for the unpredictable Google to let you go famous.

What if your website is just around the corner from getting on top of rankings and Google updates its algorithm?

This is where PPC can help you instantly.

  • Email Marketing:

Email Marketing is the technique by which you send mass emails to a database of users with your promotions, offers, services, etc.

On a personal front, I find email marketing to be spam. Especially, when you buy a database from third parties. As per me, until and unless you build a database yourself, you are just a spam email marketing company flooding the database of emails you buy from some third party with spam emails.

Anyways, I am not here to discuss the moral values and take the high ground be proclaiming to be the only “Ethical Digital marketer”.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of email marketing software available on the market to help you do email marketing.

Some of the prominent being mail chimp (my favorite), mailerlite, etc.

You can send beautifully designed emails to your target email database and try to create a connection with the receivers of emails.

If your product/service/offering clicks, they will come to your website and you might get sales.

It’s simple and as my son says “easy-peasy” ????

As I mentioned earlier, I am not a big-time fan of email marketing as cleaning my email box of spam is a task I hate the most.

Hence, I stay away from email marketing but there are companies which use the technique very effectively.

The technique still works and is quite famous in the corporate world.

When I use it as a medium of promotion I only send emails to the database of subscribers on my blog lessons at startup.

These are the noble souls who find my blogs interesting and have taken the pain to fill in their email id in the annoying box which pops up in the middle of an article for them.

And this finishes the list. Phew! That was long.

Moving to the benefits of Digital Marketing:

  • Digital Marketing is an optimal way of promoting your brand (money and time-wise).
  • With Digital marketing you can approach a wide range of audience within a limited time frame.
  • The campaigns in Digital Marketing are easily customised and flexible to change based on the results generated.
  • Digital marketing campaigns are also measurable, effective and give a clear ROI.
  • The impact of Digital Marketing campaigns is “Long Term”. i.e, until and unless your content is on internet, you keep reaping benefits of the same in term of ongoing traffic, backlinks (which impacts rankings), etc.
  • And with the whole world going digital, Digital Marketing is the future.

I know I have just scratched the surface explaining how you can do digital marketing but worry not, all the blogs after this one will follow a pattern where we will be explaining in depth about each topic of digital marketing.

Till then, keep reading and learning from the content we are producing at our blog section in The Sharp Brain.

We are still on track with simplifying digital marketing.

If you find any topic which you as a layman cannot understand, drop us an email and we will simplify it further for you.




Jasmeet is one of the brains behind The Sharp Brain. Although, not the sharpest brain amongst the team he gets to lead the team because of the "founder" designation next to his surname.

He shares his startup experiences at http://lessonsatstartup.com

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