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Crash Course In Digital Marketing

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About Crash Course In Digital Marketing


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Batch Starts From

Feb 1st, 2018.

Every Tuesday and Thursday 06:30 PM to 08:30 PM IST

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Course Objectives

  • Sharpen your knowledge of traditional marketing management theory
  • Acquire an in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and analytics concepts
  • Learn to plan, implement and measure a digital marketing strategy
  • Build a project of your choice on digital and social media marketing guided by an instructor


Crash Course In Digital Marketing

  • Firm and its resources and capabilities
  • Competitive strategy in the digital era
  • Customer value, satisfaction, and relationships
  • Customers’ buying behavior
  • Market segmentation and targeting
  • Product & brand management
  • Sales & distribution management
  • Advertising and sales promotion
  • Integrated marketing communications
  • Understanding the digital era through social, mobile, analytics and cloud
  • Digital disruption in marketing
  • Digital models for branding, sales, advertising and customer management
  • Agility and customer centricity through digital technologies
  • Web, mobile and social channels for marketing and their co-ordination


Course Features

  • Live Interactive Classes
  • Industry Experts & Mentors
  • Live projects
  • Verified Certification
  • resume Services from leading Job Portals


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