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We have a confession to make. Our first attempt at designing Digital Marketing plans we intend to sell on our website for our agency was a complete failure.

We started with the idea of keeping things simple. Simple and Easy.

Once we were few steps away from our destination, we analyzed the simplicity of what we had designed.

And we were like “These digital marketing packages don’t look as simple as we thought they would”.

Argh! And then we went back to the drawing board. We were back to square one.

The digital marketing plans were redone.

The concept behind “The Sharp Brain” is to provide easy to understand service to our Clients.

We are trying to simplify what client’s pay for when they select a digital marketing package.

Our clients, who own different businesses of different sizes are at times, a harassed lot.

They have been duped by digital agencies in lieu of “unrealistic” results.

We don’t blame them.

We, the digital marketers are to be blamed for where the industry stands today.

The basics of promotion are forgotten. “Good Content” has made way for the Number of followers.

No wonder, the customer is a confused lot.

So when a customer approaches an Internet Marketing Agency, he/she is presented with every single kind of contract possible.

Imagine the plight of customer who has no clue about what digital marketing and is asked to chose in between monthly contracts, hourly contracts or fixed contracts.

To a layman, they all sound the same.

The beauty might lie in the detail but for a customer who just wants his business to do good on the internet, details like On page, alt tag, off page, submissions are a “no brainer”.

When we went back to the basics, we kind of had a fair idea of what we were doing wrong.

We were thinking like a digital agency.

The pain of customers coming to us was not addressed by what we had designed.

Our packages are now simplified, quantified and clearly detail, what we will offer in which package.

Most of the stuff we offer in our packages is quantified. The other, which we thought had too many options has been marked as *, **, ***.

Before we get down to explaining the minute details of what we do, here is a glimpse of what each package means.

To start with, we offer 4 packages:

Starter | Econo | Standard | Tailor-Made.

  1. The Starter Pack:

This one is for kick starting your small business or startup on a bootstrapped budget. We recommend the package for those who are just exploring what digital marketing can do for them.

The package is basic but it does the job in igniting your business’s spark plug on internet.

The package will help you get the basics of your business right on the internet.

  1. Econo:

This one’s a winner! Our hot selling package.

If you are serious about your business establishing a sound presence on the internet, go for it (are we hard selling it? Nah! We are just giving you a value for money).

The package comes with enough content creation, promotion and a right mix of SEO, SMO to get your campaigns up and running.

  1. Standard:

Your business needs a serious look. You have the money. You have the time. All you need is a rock star digital agency to get your business up and running on internet.

Look no further, Amigo! We are here to help you beat the competition.

The Standard Package gives you a Dedicated Project Manager, who is available as and when required by you in our office timings.

  1. Custom:

We do custom jobs like content writing, promotion, etc, etc. The package is ideal for you when you do not find any of our packages to fit your requirements.

A typical of when you might want to select the package is say your Facebook campaign is working perfectly fine but your twitter campaign is not giving the expected results.

You come to us asking us to introspect the reasons for your campaign’s failure Or you need someone to write interesting content for your business every week.

You can trust us to come with up with a package specific to your requirements.

Let us explain you the features we offer in our packages:

  1. Account Setup:

Once you have bought our package, we get rolling with account setup. The onboarding process is there to:

  • Understand the aim of Digital Marketing for your business.
  • Set up the account on social media (we do the cover photo and write content wherever required). If the account is already setup, we try and make it more “Customer” friendly.
  • We suggest changes to the website and make it more SEO friendly.

Time to move to next steps.

  •  Content Creation:

Digital Marketing’s backbone is content creation. Be it social media promotion or seo, without appropriate content your campaign is a lame duck.

The backbone of our work is content. The content we make can be an article, presentation, infographics, animation video, etc, etc. At the end of the day, the content has to provide value addition to your prospective customers.

We have given a * signifying the work you get in each package.

If the * was to be quantified. Then

  • A single * is Equivalent to 2 articles OR 1 animation video OR 1 infographics
  • 2 ** are equivalent to (2 articles OR 1 animation video OR 1 infographics) + 2 articles
  • 3 *** are equivalent to (4 articles OR 2 animation video OR 2 infographics) + 3 articles

The content creation service provided above is in addition to the content we post regularly for social media campaigns.

  • Content Promotion:

The best of content in the business means nothing if not promoted in the right manner.

The same hold trues for worst of content promoted using the best of methods.

The end result ultimately is ZERO.

In digital marketing, good content and content promotion are Siamese twins. They cannot be separated.

And to get the best, they have to work as a team ????

Simplifying the concept of * for you.

  • A single * is Equivalent to 10 hours of work each month.
  • 2 ** are equivalent to 20 hours of work each month.
  • 3 *** are equivalent to 40 hours of work each month.

The above work includes promotion of your content and work towards increasing your followers

Please note: we also use some of the tools to automate the process of getting followers initially for your social media account (not fake) and the number of hours might be compensated for the cost of the tool for the month.

Again, our project manager will keep you updated with our plan of action. You will be kept the in loop with work progress very month.

  • Social media accounts:

The number of social media accounts we will pick for each campaign is clearly specified. For us, one size does not fit all is the mantra when it comes to social media promotion. i.e, what works on linked in might not work in facebook. This is the number one rule of How to use social media for marketing.

Although, we schedule same kind of content for all social media accounts the of client (on request and extra charges for scheduling tool we will use), we will be working with specific content for the number of social media accounts under the plan.

  • Content Scheduling:

We use tools for scheduling content. We also do a lot of analysis on the best time to schedule your content. The time, when your prospective customer is not hibernating. The number of content we schedule every month is specified under each package.

The time and the platform is subjected to the laws under the jurisdiction of “The Sharp Brain”.

Just Kidding 🙂

It’s more subjected to the sharp brain project manager working with you on your project.

We make content for the digital marketing platform for the whole week in advance and schedule it from Mon to Fri for the complete month.

We give the content weekend off. At least, we try to ????.

Our research tells us, most of the guys on internet are least active during weekends.

Why waste our energy scheduling something for the weekend?

  • Social Media Analytics:

Do you want to know what sucks and what works with your digital marketing campaign? Well. We just might have the right analytics for you.

And….Guess what. Our Project Manager dedicated to your project (based on plans selected) will be there to explain you every week on the progress we have made.

In fact, analytics form the back bone of our plan of action.

The depth and number of accounts we cover in the campaign are proportional to the package you buy from us.

  • New Keywords:

Shifting to the long term strategy of pulling traffic via “SEO”. Most of the customers who come to us ask us “Why mix SEO with Social Media Promotion?”.

Here is some food for thought. Social Media will get you instant traffic, etc, etc but for long term gains, you have to invest in SEO.

You cannot always rely on Social Media campaigns to get you ongoing traffic. Google’s organic traffic at some stage has to contribute to your business’s growth.

Keeping the short term and long term gains of businesses in mind, we have designed our packages to include both SEO and SMO.

We do provide keywords research as a part of our service. The starters pack gets keyword research for one of their page (we leave it to their choice). The other packages get keywords chosen every month and optimization work done accordingly.

  • Off Page work:

As per one the google’s last algorithm. (With so many birds, candies churned out by their SEO algorithm factory time and again, we have lost track of which one was that), the shares on social media contribute to off page work in SEO.

Now isn’t this update amazing. It means our social media work too contributes to pushing the rankings of your website.

With time, Off page work has become more complicated in SEO. What works today does not work tomorrow. Worse, you get penalized four your last work.

As per the gurus of SEO, directory submission is long dead. SBM is just standing by the edge of a cliff, waiting for google to push it down.

Recently, google started cracking whip on guest blogs and the list of punishments from google go on and on.

Again, that’s what the rumors in the industry are. Google, with it’s ever secretive formula is best at keeping the rumors mills running.

We do off page work as per the methodology designed by us.

We won’t deny we don’t do directory submissions or SBM or comments to get back links. We do all of the above.

Does that make our work spam?

Nope. It does not.

We maintain a mix of everything. Our competitor analysis gives us a fair idea of what your competitor has done to reach the top of rankings.

We try to build similar links or at least reach near to what your competitor has.

The level of service here is proportional to the package bought by you.

  • Project Manager:

All our packages include a project manager for your projects. The time the project manager spends on your project again depends on the package.

The starter’s pack does include a project manager but the project manager is available only via emails. The other packages include a project manager who is allocated a quota of hours every month to give to a project.

  • Ads included:

Free ads with your package. That’s an icing on the cake! We provide complimentary ads budget along with your package to help your brand grow faster.

The usage of ad budget is dependent on the social media medium we will be targeting for your business.

We hope we were successful in explaining our packages and features offered in them.

You can select the plan of your choice or drop us an inquiry for any more doubts/queries you might have.

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