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In its pursuit to match YouTube ‘s business model – Make money from videos displayed on the platform, Facebook has worked hard to make videos as an integral part of the Facebook content.

The idea was to let videos directly created by publishers, be a part of facebook content rather than have videos shared from other social media platforms like YouTube become a part of the Facebook newsfeed.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the idea. In fact, this step is a way forward for Facebook as it provides a seamless experience for Facebook users.

In last few years, Internet speeds have improved throughout the world. Also, Internet’s reach has become wide, thereby high making high-speed internet availability no more a luxury which people like you and me earlier could not afford.

From content perspective too, the introduction of video content as I mentioned earlier is a step forward.

Facebook has the potential to steal some business of YouTube by virtue of the user base facebook has.

Also from the revenue point of view, it makes sense to have publishers upload videos directly to Facebook than have videos from YouTube become a part of Facebook’ s newsfeed.

Business Model of Facebook:

How many of you know the business model of websites like Facebook, YouTube and Google?

Those of you, who are well versed with Facebook Marketing would know a thing or two about the business model which is also the business model of almost every website that provides free content and free access to their platform.

Plainly speaking, they all earn from the ads displayed on their platform.

To expand their ad network reach, Facebook needs another medium to increase their ad base.

The ads shown on YouTube videos contributed to YouTube’s ad revenue Not facebook’ s ad revenue.

Hence, Facebook decided to allow publishers to directly stream/post videos to Facebook.

With Video, along came mid-roll video ads:

Huhhh….After the initial euphoria triggered by Facebook’ s support of videos, comes my disappointment with a new ad generation revenue mechanism from facebook called as Facebook mid-roll ads.

What exactly are Facebook mid-roll videos?

Facebook wanted to ape youtube. They aped to some extent but what they forgot to ape was how ads worked on youtube.

Facebook probably wanted their ad mechanism to be a little hat-ke (different) and decided to come up with a feature called “Facebook Mid-Roll Video” ad.

Living true to its name, facebookmid-rolll ads start in the middle of videos uploaded by publishers.

You click the play button on a video and they go to-da. Oh, wait….You don’t. These days video play themselves annoyingly as soon as you scroll over them.

As soon as a video started playing, Facebook waits for 20 seconds before showing you an interruptive, intruding video disrupting your attention.

Can you beat that? How irritating is the mid-roll ads feature of Facebook?

And this is not it.

In case, they forget to play the video after 15-20 seconds of the start, they will play the video 15-20 seconds before the video is about to end.

You just cannot watch a video peacefully on facebook. Since th launch of the intrusive facebook mid-roll video ads, one of the trending queries on google with reference to this feature is “How to block facebook mid-roll video ads”.

Kills me.

How can Facebook be so stupid?

It’s like asking me to eat a chocolate and just after having two slices, when i am on the verge of entering my sweet zone, you stop me and ask me to try something bitter.

Thanks, but no thanks for your experiment. I can live without getting my taste buds tickled the wrong way.

As a Facebook user, I am very disappointed with Facebook’ s new feature.

They seriously should consider a few innovative methods to improve their platform rather than creating badly aped features from other famous websites.

This feature of Facebook has been running on facebook videos for the last few months.

And I know I am one of the users complaining at the pitch of my voice.

What about the publisher who expects to make money from the videos?

Now, Facebook has been testing the mid-roll video for last few months with different publishers.

The results to start with have not been very encouraging for end users.

Quoting Mr. Sahil Patel from digiday.com

 “Five publishers participating in Facebook’s mid roll ads test, which began in March, said the product isn’t generating much money. One publisher said its Facebook-monetized videos had an average CPM of 15 cents. A second publisher, which calculated ad rates based on video views that lasted long enough to reach the ad break, said the average CPM for its mid rolls is 75 cents. (Facebook’s mid roll ads don’t show up inside videos in the first 20 seconds, which means many three-second video views aren’t “monetized views.”)

A third publisher made roughly $500 from more than 20 million total video views on that page in September.* (This publisher had not calculated its CPM, as its total video view count includes videos that were not monetized by Facebook mid rolls.) A fourth publisher confirmed revenue was low without giving specifics. (A fifth publisher, when asked about its Facebook mid roll CPMs, responded by texting lyrics to Flo Rida’s “Low.”)” (source : https://digiday.com/media/facebooks-ad-breaks-are-not-bringing-in-a-lot-of-money-for-publishers/)

They surely don’t look so happy with the above numbers.

As per facebook’ s law of the land “You only get paid if the user consumes the ad?”

The above rule is a problem for most of the videos from publishers.

Also, since most videos are a part of the newsfeed they do not get the kind of attention as the videos get in YouTube.

They will wait for a user who is at his wit’s end to patiently wait until the end to complete the video.

Facebook’s internal team might be showing them “amazing” results in different scenarios but as an end user, I can write with confidence.

The mid roll video feature does not roll well for me.

The last I heard, Facebook might be looking to shift from mid roll ads to pre-roll ads.

Matt Navara a facebook expert clearly says:

Facebook mid-roll ads

Again, they are going back to what youtube does.

I hope the changes work for good for publishers and for Facebook users like you.

Let’s roll back the changes Mr. Zuckerberg.


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