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Link building in 2019 is tough. Years ago, Google wasn’t as good at detecting quality links as they are today. Back then you could get just about any link, and you’d get some credit in Google for it. Today, not all links are created equal. That might be an understatement.

Your average link won’t do much for you these days.  If you want to move the needle with your Google rankings, you need powerful links from real websites, and you need time on your side.

Effective Links

Many SEO’s have noticed that in recent years some links don’t work while others work well. Even if the link is from a well-known publication.  The reason for that is Google knowns which publications they can trust and which ones they can’t with outgoing links.  Some significant publications have been caught given links out to just about anyone.  Google has made public comments about links not counting in some of these publications.

The same goes for low-quality websites and blogs. A great way to tell if you even have a chance for your link to be useful is to check the Google traffic from the website you want a link from.  If the website has little to no traffic in Google, then there is a good chance that Google deems that website as low quality and a great chance your link won’t help much at all.


Good links start with good outreach. Link building is hard work and takes a considerable amount of time. If you hire services from a link building consultant, they usually explain in detail what to expect and how long the process takes.

When an SEO performs outreach most of the time, the email gets ignored.  Some of the best link building companies have been working with popular bloggers for years, and usually, when they send emails, they are less likely to get ignored.

If you are performing your outreach and don’t know the blogger or journalist, it is highly recommended you keep your email short and to the point. Some of the more popular blogs get hundreds of emails per day, and they don’t have time to read a long pitch.

Links Mature

Very few links kick in immediately. Sure, you may notice a small bump in rankings once the link is crawled, but often this is temporary or just a small fraction of the link equity. If Google made it, so links work right from the first call, it would be super easy for spammers to game Google and rank faster.

Most SEO’s realize when you get a link the links take a few months to kick in.  If you are running a link building campaign, it can take 3-6 months to start seeing results. But here is a little secret most SEO’s won’t tell you.  To increase rankings for competitive keywords, it can take anywhere from 6-12 months to start getting significant traffic.

Anchor Text is Dead

Anchor text has been mostly dead for a while now. If you use too much exact match anchor text, there is a good chance you won’t rank. Using keyword-stuffed anchor text is easy for Google to detect and is very unnatural looking.

If you want to have a chance to succeed in 2019, you need to diversify your anchor text and think more about the context of the sentence you get a backlink from and not the exact anchor.

Private Blog Networks

In the past few years, Google has been able to identify and bring down many of the private blog networks that were created for SEO purposes. There have even been some highly publicized cases. Using a private blog network puts your website at risk for receiving an unnatural links penalty from Google.

Niche Edits are Dead

A niche edit is when you get a link in existing content.  Link obtained using this method have been discounted by Google.  If someone updates to content on older blog posts and include a link to you, there is a better chance that the link may count.  But if someone is only changing a few words and adding a link, you can almost always count on that link having zero value these days.

Focus on Quality

Nothing works better for link building than taking the time to produce valuable content and sharing it with a quality blog.  Don’t get caught up with link schemes as Google has some of the smartest Ph.D.’s working for them and they will eventually figure out how to discount the schemes.

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