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Marketing Professionals from across the globe have already declared traditional methods of Marketing as a form of marketing which is slowly on a decline.

Over the years, from being an obscure field of study to a right career choice – Digital Marketing has come a long way.

The scope of Digital Marketing is nothing less than magical.

40% is the current growth rate in the Digital Marketing Industry.

And the industry witnessed a 21% growth ($88 billion) in 2017 (source : https://www.iab.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/FY-2017-IAB-Internet-Advertising-Revenue-IAB-Webinar-Presentation-05-10-2018.pdf).

In 2018, it is expected that an average company will allocate 41% of their budget to online marketing. (source : https://www.webstrategiesinc.com/blog/how-much-budget-for-online-marketing-in-2014)

And the pace at which Digital Marketing is growing, it is estimated Internet advertising’s revenue will reach $260.4 billion by 2020 beating TV advertising, at a CAGR of 11.1 percent.

The scope of Digital Marketing is growing because of the trust Companies have placed in this medium of advertisement and promotion.

No doubt, Digital Marketing is on the rise. And the rise of Digital marketing has increased the demand for digital marketing professionals.

Digital Marketing Career Scope:

In the last one year, Digital marketing Job Market grew by 40% which was way ahead of the growth witnessed in other job markets that were around 3 to 5%. It is estimated that 150,000 jobs are expected in Digital Marketing by 2020.

No doubts, Digital marketing is a Career with a good scope. Digital Marketing provides a wide array of Job Opportunities available for anyone who has knowledge of Digital Marketing.

A one-line answer is “Digital marketing career scope and growth witnessed in the last few years is nothing less than phenomenal. It is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing career paths in India and across the globe”.

Digital Marketing Career Opportunities:

Digital marketing opens the door to you for a wide array of opportunities.

If you plan to make Search Engine Optimization as a career, you can be a content writer, on page expert or a link builder.

You can Be a content writer if you have a knack for writing good engaging content.

You can be an SEO professional if you are the guy who loves to introspect websites and do stuff like keyword research, etc.

You can select any of the following digital marketing career options:

  • Content Writing: Considering, the relevance of high-quality content, Content marketers are in high demand today. You get a chance to write blogs for your brand’s website or write content to post on other websites to help your organization get backlinks. Content Writers are responsible for creating awesome content for website, social media campaigns and guest postings. They are the backbone of any Digital Marketing Campaign.

If you are in love with writing engaging content, this is the right career option in Digital marketing for you.

  •   Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Experts : SEO Experts are the professionals whose job is to take care of technicalities required to get your website on top of Search Engine Rankings.They perform tasks such as on-page, off page optimization and are responsible for doing competitor research and  generate reports from analytics and webmaster. Sounds Geeky? Trust me, it is a fun field to be in.And SEO as a profession now has two different roles: On page experts and link builders where on page experts usually are more concerned with updating and improving the website to make it more “SEO” friendly. While the link builders, build links.They get you the best of links to make your website rank higher in Google.Both the profiles perform in parallel to improve rankings of the website.
  • Copywriting: Copywriters are the experts in finding mistakes or giving a proper shape to the content written by content writers. A good command of fundamentals of Grammer, Vocabulary is required to be an awesome Copywriter.


  • Social Media Management: The most searched and sought after line of work in Digital marketing is Social Media Marketing. In Social Media Marketing, your job is to produce engaging content which keeps your social media followers coming back to your page – time and again. You also get to strategize and contribute new strategies and ideas to the brand’s social media campaign.


  • Paid Ads Management: This Digital Marketing Career option allows you to work around Paid Campaigns in google, Linkedin, Facebook and other platforms. You start as a PPC executive who is supposed to get the best ROI on every PPC campaign for the client. If you are into numbers and insights, this is an excellent Career option for you in Digital Marketing.

The Career Path of a Digital Marketing Professional follows a trajectory where the salary and designation changes as per experience. As per the market.

Here is the Digital Marketing Growth or Career path:

Years of Experience

Role Salary
 0 to 1 Years Executive As per Industry Standards
1 to 3 Years Sr. Executive As per Industry Standards
3 to 5 Years Team Lead As per Industry Standards
3 to 5 Years Analyst As per Industry Standards
5 to 10 Years Head, Digital Marketing As per Industry Standards

The average salary of a Digital Marketing Specialist in Australia is AU$64,151 per year. (source : https://www.payscale.com/research/AU/Job=Digital_Marketing_Specialist/Salary)

The growth of Internet and Social Media has made Digital Marketing popular

To understand, why digital marketing is the right career choice, you must look at the growth of the internet and social media over the years.

Today everyone is on the internet & social media. By everyone, I literally mean everyone from both the genders, all the age groups, etc.

All these users constitute a target market for brands looking to advertise their products or run their campaigns. The target user segment here makes for an interesting case which highly famous digital marketing as the next big thing because the number of active users on the internet and social media runs into billions.

You cannot ignore these users.

To tap them, we need techniques which rely on the internet as a platform for promotion.

This is what makes Digital marketing so relevant in today’s era.

The growth of Internet:

digital marketing career opportunities

2016 saw the internet population of the world grow to 3.4 billion. The number is equivalent to 47% of world’s total population.

The maximum number of internet users are in China (731 million users), followed by India where the number of users stands at 463 million.

In 2017, the total number of active internet users in Australia was 21.18 million which is around 87% of the Australian Population.

The numbers mentioned above are astonishing. To make more sense of them for you. Think of the number of users in terms of the population of countries.

3.4 billion users on the internet are equivalent to the total combined population of China, India and United States.

I am confident, no brand in the world would want to miss an opportunity to tap this huge user base.

The power of internet has led to business models being developed only on a web-based or internet-based model.

Take the example of Netflix. 50.85 million number of Netflix users are from USA.

Over a period, these users have turned into paid customers and have helped Netflix clock revenue of $8.83 Billion in 2016.

How do you think a company like Netflix reaches its user base?

I know they spend a fortune on TV ads but they also have a substantial amount of budget set aside for digital marketing.

The Growth of Social Media:

Facebook today has 1.94 billion users. The number is equivalent to the combined population of India and United States.

Facebook is a country and when I say, it’s a country. I mean it. It’s a country with an annual GDP (turnover) of 27,638 million. The number is equivalent to GDP of countries like Uganda, Paraguay & El Salvador.

And boy! It’s a country which is very profitable. Unlike, the bloated economy of many countries – Facebook, the social networking country is highly profitable.

Other social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram have 328 million, 467 million,700 million users respectively.

37% of the total internet population is active on social media and 66% of these users access social media daily.

I hope I am not boring you with a “stats” filled blog.

The purpose here is to show you why digital marketing is relevant which in turn leads to helping you decide digital marketing a career.

Importance of Digital Marketing:

With internet overtaking TV as the medium where we spend majority of our time, we cannot ignore internet anymore (According to We Are Social, the average individual spends only one hour and 58 minutes per day watching TV, compared to five hours and four minutes accessing the Internet from a PC or tablet each day.)

You have an enormous number of users on internet, you know they are spending most of their time on the internet. As a marketer what do you do to reach them?

This is where Digital Marketing comes into the picture and this is what makes digital marketing so important.

You promote, advertise, sell your products or services on Internet using Digital marketing.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing are well documented in one of our previous blogs. You can read the blog to understand why digital marketing scores over conventional methods of marketing.

Why Choose Digital Marketing as a Career?

Since Digital Marketing is growing at a rapid pace, the demand for digital marketing professionals has seen a proportional growth.

The average salary paid to Digital Marketing professionals is quite high as per industry standards and since the industry is becoming an extended arm of the marketing division of every company, there is going to be a surge in demand for digital marketing professionals. Thereby, leading to better salaries.

How Digital Marketing helps you:

  • Starting a Job as a Digital Marketer:

The digital marketers in our company never miss a chance to show Facebook, Twitter screens to our development team whenever they are running a campaign (which is almost from morning to evening).

Guess what, they flaunt the fact they get paid to sit on Facebook, Twitter and on other social sites. So, while the technical team is slogging with code, these guys are calmly working on Fb and getting paid for being in a profession which others use as a “hobby” option.

Being a Digital Marketer helps you to be a part of an industry where creativity, innovation, out of box thinking are not luxuries but a part of the job.

The company expects you to think of innovative ways to promote the content or think of out of box ideas to make interesting, user engaging content.

Digital marketing is definitely a career worth getting into.

  • Using Digital Marketing to become an Entrepreneur:

Digital Marketing can help you be an Entrepreneur. You can learn to be an affiliate marketer, earning money to sell products of others or run an ecommerce store or be a digital marketing freelancer.

You can also earn by sitting at home.

Also, you do not need an astronomical budget to start a digital marketing agency.

All it takes is a laptop, decent internet connection and knowledge of digital marketing to start an agency. (I am assuming you already have a roof over your head. Use it to good use by starting a company from your bedroom or living room )

  • Digital Marketing as an add-on skill set:

Learning Digital Marketing does not confine you to starting a career as a digital marketing professional.

Digital marketing also helps professionals from other job industry.

“As per Mckinsey, 90% of marketing roles required some digital marketing experience or analytical skills.”

As you can notice, digital marketing helped Marketers who are not essentially digital marketers with their career.

The usage of digital marketing is widespread. Today, recruiters are using social media as a platform to hire the best from across the globe. Developers are leveraging the power of internet to share their ideas by writing blogs.

In fact, everything we do on the internet can be efficiently done once we know Digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a skill set which invariably helps everyone who is on internet in using the power of internet to their advantage by learning to create, promote effectively.

To learn digital marketing, you can join any of the online or offline digital marketing course offered by different agencies.

These are the tips which will help you select the right Digital Marketing Course:

  • Decide whether you want an offline course or aan online course: Both the courses are like chalk and cheese in terms of how the courses are given. Offline courses are the ones, where you have time to go to class and learn Digital Marketing dedicatedly sitting in a class over the weekend or normal working days. While online courses are entirely based on the web. You will either get live classes or recorded class videos in online classes.
  • Search for an institute which offers more hands-on learning than theoretical learning. I have personally learned digital marketing by trying everything I read on the internet. I highly recommend the approach of hands-on learning to everyone. Do not select a course where the weightage is on theoretical knowledge. (you can easily buy a digital marketing book to read theory and it would not even cost you a fortune). Why waste money only learning the theory?
  • The experience of faculty is a crucial factor when you decide to select a course. I usually believe in seeing live examples of past work if I should learn from someone. The same holds true for you. Do not get bedazzled by the history of institutes. There are a lot of institutes which are sitting idly on their past laurels. You need a good instructor to learn about digital marketing. Consider yourself unlucky, if a good course with an amazing reputation gives you a low-grade instructor. All your money will go down the drain.
  • Ask about the Flexibility of course. What if you missed a few classes? Does the course provide an online recording of the missed classes? Or can you repeat a few classes?

Clear your doubts before you decide to take a digital marketing course.

I have met so many students who have spent a fortune (since they haven’t started earning anything, any amount is a fortune for them) in taking digital marketing courses and their knowledge level is all theoretical.

Some of them have also cleared Google, FB certifications only to go blank when they are asked questions about them.

I would recommend you do your research well before deciding to take a wrong course.

A wrong or a right course will be the difference in between your success or failure as a Digital Marketer.


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