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Internet Marketing is a form of marketing where you use internet on a digital device to promote your product or service.

How is internet marketing different from digital marketing?

Most of the candidates who come to us looking to start a career in digital marketing are confused in between digital marketing and internet marketing.

Frankly speaking, I have always thought of both as the same.

To clear my doubts, I turned to my guru for years “Google” and here is what I understand as the difference between internet and digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is an umbrella term comprising of everything digital which incidentally, also includes internet.

For example, there are offline mediums too which are a part of digital like billboards, TV, etc but internet marketing is purely dependent on the internet.

In a nutshell, any form of marketing, where information is passed through internet, is internet marketing.

On the other hand, Digital is more specific to digital mediums or devices which might or might not work on internet.

What are the types of Internet Marketing?

I remember writing an article earlier on what is digital marketing and I clearly defined the types of digital marketing as:

Well. I guess I was playing to the masses.

The masses use both the terms (internet and digital marketing) without knowing the difference. Also, for the majority of people, Digital Marketing is what they are paying to learn.

Internet marketing is the part of the package.

The truth is all the types I mentioned above are a part of digital marketing and internet marketing. Still, if you ask me to specifically map them to one of the following:

  1. Internet Marketing
  2. Digital Marketing

I will anytime select internet marketing over digital marketing as SEO, SMM, Emal Marketing (all them) require internet to function.

As I said, I was playing to the masses.

And masses consider digital marketing as the Siamese twin of internet marketing.

No one comes to us and asks us “Do you do internet marketing?” or “Do you teach internet marketing?”.

Everyone is so gung-ho over the word “Digital” that internet has kind of taken a back seat.

Why is internet marketing important?

Once upon a time, smartphones were a luxury. High-speed internet was a bigger luxury.

Those were the times when internet was all about opening google for getting answers to our questions. Giving company to Google was a medium which was to replace our good old postcards and letters (read: email).

Today, times have changed.

The Internet is indispensable.

With smartphones becoming affordable and mobile data getting cheaper, internet is no more a luxury.

Here are some facts for you to understand the importance of internet:

  1. According to Internet World Stats, there are 3.74 billion Internet users. Of those, about half are from Asia.
  2. In the month of August 2017, there are 1.24 billion websites on internet.
  3. The country that has the highest penetration for smartphone usage is The United Arab Emirates, with 91 percent of the population accessing the internet from a phone or tablet.
  4. Mobile social media users are the fastest growing segment of the internet, growing by more than 280 million globally from 2015 to 2016.
  5. There are 2.79 billion active social media users in the world. This is an increase of 21% from 2016.

(source: https://hostingfacts.com/internet-facts-stats-2016/)

For years, marketers have targeted the segment where their Target customers were available.

They call them eyeballs or visibility. We, the business owners pay a premium to get more eyeballs or visibility.

Today, everyone is on internet (read: stats mentioned above).

This is what makes the internet – a darling of marketers.

They want to tap the huge amount of population using internet from morning to evening (As per the latest study, we roughly spend 5 hours daily on internet which beats the time we spend on idiot box by more than 3 hours)

The reason why internet marketing has suddenly become so popular is simple.

It is the simplest, fastest, optimal way of reaching your target audience in a stipulated time frame.

Why is internet marketing important for businesses?

You are a caveman if your business is not on the internet.

As a matter of fact, I do not know of any business which is not on internet in one form or the other.

Some are available as Facebook pages, others have websites, etc, etc.

Why is internet marketing important for businesses?

Let’s say your business has a product targeted for the age group 25 t0 40 | gender: female | interest: shoes, fashion, etc | location | London.

Please tell me one offline campaign which can allow you to make such a targeted campaign to help you reach your user base.

TV – Newspaper – Hoarding? Think again.

I have spent money on newspaper and hoardings and none of the two could get me the so-called “target” audience.

(what about TV? Huh…..I don’t want to close shutters in a month to try TV. The last I heard. Their one-week ad campaign was at par the money I spend in a year on my internet marketing campaign😊 )

I have nothing against offline mediums like TV, newspaper, etc.

They still take most of the marketing and advertisement budget of companies but I don’t find them useful for small companies.

Firstly, they are damn expensive.

Secondly, they are not worth the money you spend on them for a simple reason “They do not take your campaigns to the target audience”.

Internet Marketing, on the other hand, allows you to build user-specific campaigns and allows you to reach the target user in a minimum time frame.

How to learn internet marketing?

I have a confession to make. Unlike all of you, who have learned things real quick (the brainy ones), I have always been a slow learner.

I take my own sweet time to understand things and then implement them at my own pace (which at times can be very annoying for colleagues working with me).

Internet Marketing was something I learned out of curiosity.

A few years back, when the internet was capturing our imagination in the right way. I got fascinated with the idea of “how marketers are using internet as a platform to make sales?”.

What really caught my attention was the number of users getting attached to internet in some way or the other.

This was when social media was finding its feet and when social media took the world by storm, I was quite sure “Internet Marketing is the future”

I started experimenting with Facebook and then shifted to platforms like Quora, Linkedin, Twitter.

At present, I am learning Youtube marketing.

You can learn internet marketing through internet – Now that’s a silly joke (learn internet marketing from internet 😊 )

I am not kidding. If you are willing to learn at your own pace making mistakes, experimenting with different methods of promotions, etc, etc. like I did. The internet is your playground.

Experiment -> fail -> fail more -> Fail till you learn.

Or you can join a professional digital marketing course to learn the basics and save time (as they say time is money).

You can further upgrade your knowledge by building upon the basics taught in the course.

Both of the above methods require time, money and energy.

You might save some money on learning on your own but I cannot guarantee that you will save time. As learning on your own will lead to watching, reading a lot of tutorials and then experimenting with them.

Only do it, if you have enough spare time. Besides, learning on your own requires a lot of motivation and obviously, a hell lot of spare time.

Is internet marketing a good career?

I would say, internet marketing is one of the fastest growing industry in the world.

Here are few stats to demonstrate the growth of internet marketing as a career:

  1. Email opens on smartphones and tablets have increased 80% over the last six months. : The good old email marketing. The oldest and still an effective medium of internet marketing is still valid.
  2. 27% of TV sets shipped worldwide in Q1 of 2012 had internet connectivity: Now we want to watch Netflix, youtube on TV. The ads on youtube are a part of internet marketing. Did you know there are YouTubers who earn millions through their YouTube channels by providing amazing content and using effective internet marketing methods?
  3. In 2016, more than half of the dollars spent in US retail was influenced by the web: e-commerce industry is one industry which uses makes internet marketing’s different mediums smartly to reach their target audience.
  4. 20% of Facebook users have purchased something because of ads or comments they saw there: Content marketing and Facebook ads are impacting the sales decision of Facebook users. (another form of internet marketing)

[Source: https://goo.gl/G9DzhG]

When the whole world is buying on internet, making sales decision based on campaigns….Why would you not want to add “internet marketing” as a skill set to your resume?

Let me make a prophecy. Time is not far when every company will have digital marketer as a permanent position in the company.

The internet marketers will be indispensable to every company’s promotion strategy.

Companies will not be able to promote their product/service until they had someone who knew internet marketing.

I am not at all offended if you found my prophecy a joke but mark my words, the way internet marketing is growing, no company will be able to promote their products until and unless they have an internet marketer onboard with them.

How To Be An Internet Marketer?

Now that’s a boring question to ask.

You become an internet marketer by learning internet marketing.

Either you learn it on your own or learn internet marketing from a training institute….Blah-2.

At the end of the day, you must start somewhere.

Start now and probably in the next few months, you will be the internet marketer you always wanted to be promoting on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, etc, etc.

How to make money in internet marketing?

You can be an affiliate marketer who sells the product of other companies and earns a commission in between or starts an internet marketing company where you get paid to take contracts from the client.

In between, as an internet marketer, you should find your expertise.

You cannot do it all.

Internet marketing is extensive.

You cannot be good at everything at once.

Either, you are a good SEO guy or a Social media promoter or a content writer.

I am yet to meet someone who does everything to perfection.

My advice is, Select your field in internet marketing and then learn to master it.

And, please do not consider internet marketing as a career where you can quickly earn money.

Like all the other marketing fields this one too requires a lot of hard work and discipline.

Do you know what is so interesting about internet marketing?

The freedom to experiment with something new every day. I am yet to work in a domain where you can experiment so much.

You have the flexibility to try new content. Try new promotion strategies. I mean, internet is your playground and you have the power to try new innovative ideas.

And internet marketing is not restricted to “marketers”.

You can learn internet marketing even if you are an HR, CEO, Blogger, freelancer, operations guy, etc, etc.

It is all about sharing knowledge smartly and strategically.

Happy Learning!

maneet kaur

Sr. Content Writer at The Sharp Brain
Maneet is a blogger and a content writer who uses her marketing and advertising experience to create interesting content for businesses. She is also a co-founder at Manja Box
maneet kaur
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