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I am a big fan of Batman, Superman, Wonder woman. A movie which gets them all together along with Cyborg, Flash and Aqua Man is on top of my watch list.

As soon as the date of release of the Justice League (the name of the group of vigilantes comprising of all of the above) was introduced, I along with the rest of world have been counting the days to release of the film backward.

And I along with rest of the fanbase (including of my son) are really looking forward to seeing the awesome group kick some ass.

But hey! What is this movie review doing on a digital marketing blog?

Well. I am here to show you how Facebook’s team has created an amazing FB app which is helping the Justice League reach masses.

Warner Bros. in partnership with the Facebook Camera Effects Platform and AR Studio has developed an app which allows you to be a superhero (virtual superhero).

While you don’t get to kick ass in real life, you at least get to wear the mask of your favorite superhero from justice league who is a part of the movie.

Sorry. Green Lantern. Hopefully, they will not forget you in their next series.

This innovatinve marketing strategy games is a facebook marketing trick that has caught fancy of every movie production house’s marketing department.

How The Justice League Filter Works:

The AR studio along with Warner Bros has come up with the brilliant innovative marketing idea to promote the upcoming movie with 5 Justice League filter effects on Facebook.

Try them yourself today by opening the Facebook camera, tapping the magic wand icon to open the camera effects tray, and tapping the “mask” category to view augmented reality masks.

Here how the filter works.

Here are few pics of our office’s local superhero Satyam showing his superhero side while using the Filters.

Here he is as Aqua Man 

facebook justice league Aqua Man filter

And Flash

facebook justice league flash filter

And  Cyborg

facebook justice league cyborg filter

and Wonder Woman

facebook justice league wonder woman filter

HeHe No, We are kidding. Our Justice League crew has a wonder woman, too & her name is Pratibha.

How is it helping with promoting the movie?

If numbers are to be believed, today there are roughly 3 billion smartphones is used in the world & out of that 85% of smartphones owners use Facebook App.

The app has been downloaded nearly 2 billion times in Google Play Store. and if my maths is as good as it used to be, I am estimating a reach of 90%.

Similarly, in the history of  digital marketing, the buzz created by this filter comes only next to the buzz created by another famous TV Show “Games of Thrones“.

Remember “#winteriscoming” was the trend which dominated the digital space before the release of the last season of GOT.
These facebook filter trend gave them some helping hand for creating some more buzz for the Justice League movie.

Ask any DC fan on facebook about the Justice League filter and they would have used it by now.

I mean… You don’t get to be a Batman fan till you see yourself wearing the bat mask in real time.

And that’s’ what this filter does.

It lets you be the Batman and other members of Justice League using an FB filter effect.
It is as viral as it gets.

Obviously, the success of wonder woman has given a much-needed boost to the DC Comics and Warner brother’s when it comes to their superhero franchises.

These type of digital promotion has just helped many High budget movies to take the buzz to the next level.

A quick question before I end the blog “Is Superman a part of the movies?”

Didn’t they show him in the latest trailer?

Is he doing a cameo or is he in the movie from start to end?

You will only know when the movie releases as he is not in the game ☹.

Since he is not the part of the filter effect, we can’t see the kryptonite performing his trademark “Up, Up and Away” move on the app.

Let me now get out of my fan mode and quickly transform into a social media marketer.

As far as digital marketing is concerned, such FB app strategy of Warner brother along with FB has paved a path for an out of box marketing strategy for future movies.

I see augmentation reality becoming a major promotion tool for movie houses in the future.

Time is not far when we will have more apps using real-time facial expressions to create characters who might perform more actions inside the app.

The market is definitely hungry for such innovative ideas.

maneet kaur
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