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Small businesses start with a small capital and a selected community. It may seem insignificant to the workers, but it really has the potential to grow bigger and list among the multinationals.

Because most of the corporate concerns have started with a budget as low as the pocket money of a school going kid, and now they have millions of turnover. The main reason of success for those ventures was its exemplary vision of accepting challenges, adopting the technology and thinking ahead of its competitors.

The digital marketing is the revolutionary change that is engulfing the entire business sector around the globe. It has brought a wave of endless opportunities for small to medium and large size entities.

The cost-effectiveness and usefulness of digital marketing will soon make the conventional promotions obsolete. The coming era belongs to the internet, eCommerce, and mobile commerce that is making it vulnerable for every business startup to initiate digital marketing campaigns.

The small business owners and managers often complain about their limited budgets and difficulty in reaching a specific community. Digital marketing has got them covered with multiple and affordable advertisement alternatives and free web optimization techniques.

A right Digital Marketing Strategy for small business can not only help them reach them the target audience in an optimal time frame but can also, help them save cost.

In this post, I have tried to explain some of the reasons that may compel you to know more and adopt digital marketing before the end of 2018.

– Be Available Around the Clock

The internet remains alive 24/7, so utilizing digital marketing simply means spreading your business promotion messages around the clock. Usually, a small business is open for selected hours.

The customers are habitual to visit the shop between 9-5, but if they are closed for any reason, they lose the customer.

Digital marketing ensures you grab the lead, either with your website or social media profile page. They can drop you a message or send an email about their requirements, and you can fulfill their needs without waiting for the shop to open.

– Digital Marketing is Affordable

Every business, small or large, needs promotional mediums to attract customers. The conventional marketing strategies may include paying for a newspaper or media ad, renting out billboards, and signboards, and distributing pamphlets, etc.

In comparison to these marketing methodologies, digital marketing is affordable and effective. The amount you may spend on a newspaper ad can be utilized as a complete monthly budget on Google or Facebook.

Digital media have a user-friendly advertisement policy that is charged only when the customers take notice of the ads. This ensures better utilization of your hard earned money.

– Digital Marketing is Measurable

The advanced technology and innovative tools are making it easier for the marketers and business owners to evaluate the success of digital marketing campaigns. It is unlike the traditional marketing methods where you are not sure about the advertisement outreach and consumer response.

A digital marketing strategy is composed of activities on a variety of mediums and channels. The project manager duly supervises the effectiveness of each activity to know its impact on bringing you the desired lead and conversions.

Any medium that is not brewing the desired results is removed from the strategy and replaced with a stronger one. So, you are well informed about the benefits you avail in return for the money you spend.

– Ability to go Live on the website or Social Media

Social media tools like Facebook and YouTube allow you to go live with your local community for a productive discussion, a new product launch, addressing a common issue, or spreading business messages. Social media users are highly attracted to videos and live session.

Make the most out of these platforms in maximizing your business outreach. Twitter can also be used for live chat and discussion through a series of tweets and their replies.

– Be More Credible and Professional

Having a website of your local business simply means you are serious about the venture and that you are open to receive the change in technology. Businesses social media presence are said to be afraid of their customers.

If you are confident about the quality of your products they no need to avoid setting up social media websites. There are people who ignore social media just because they are dreadful about the consumer trolls and jokes live on the posts.

Haters are found in every society and community. But, this does not mean to avoid such great and powerful marketing tools. Pursue making up business profiles on top social networking sites, share valuable insights, listen to the followers, and answer their queries with peace.

– Own a Publishing Platform in the form of a Blog

A business blog is an innovative publishing tool to post informative content around your business for your visitors. A business owner can easily set up a blog on the freely available blogging and CMS platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Tumblr, medium, etc.

Additionally, you can have a blog section right on your business website to pursue content marketing, create awareness about your products or industry, and collect leads.

A small business owner can share posts about tips and tricks, community news, or announcements like a loyalty reward scheme or discount offers. With the help of a blog, you can save a lot on promotion, advertisement, and customer interaction.

– Social Media Optimization Expedites Business Exposure

Social media is no more an entertainment platform. The users tend to like and follow their favorite brands, stores, and shops to get the latest updates right on their social media profiles. This makes the social media presence a must-have for every kind of business.

Social media optimization (SMO) is a significant part of digital marketing that requires settings up a perfect cover image, display picture, writing a simple business introduction with a website link, phone, address, and map pin for location guidance.

The users find it quite appealing to get all the contact details right on their favorite social network. So, they can easily refer it to their family and friends with a click.

– Easy to Target Mobile Users

The growing number of mobile devices and the ease of internet connectivity is making people browse products from the comfort of their homes.

According to Statistica, the population of mobile users is expected to reach 4.68 billion by the year 2019. Anyone, either a small or large size business will never want to miss targeting such a massive amount of audience.

With a powerful digital marketing strategy, you can reach out to mobile users when they are willing to make the purchases. Define peak hours of your target community, create mobile-friendly ads and content, and promote your business.

In addition to email marketing, various digital advertising campaigns offer re-targeting the users who have ever interacted with your website. This simplifies marketing by reaching out to people who have shown interest previously and are more eager to become your customers. Thus, saving advertisement cost and ensuring better conversions.

– Building Friendly Relationship with Customers

Businesses prosper with their friendly and long-term relationship with customers. Specifically speaking about the small business owners, they often have repeat customers that make it mandatory for them to interact with their loyal customers.

Small business owners can make the best use of email marketing for sending out personalized messages with discounts and special offers. Social media is also a powerful tool to keep the followers engaged with creative posts, latest news, and upcoming products.

Additionally, customers can be encouraged to contribute to product and service pages in the form of rating and reviews. They can share their opinion, experiences, suggestions, and improvements that are not only useful for you to improve. But, customer feedbacks are also impressive for the potential buyers to know about your product and easily cast a purchase decision.

– Secure a Competitive Edge

There are lots of marketing and administrative decisions that are performed either because the competitors are doing them or if no one is performing them at all. Digital marketing for small businesses is still a new concept.

Most of the merchants are from the old school of thought who want to refrain from the digital and technological advancement and stay with the conventional marketing methods. But, it becomes a must-have if your competitors are already equipped with a digital marketing strategy. Draft a more effective strategy to take a lead in your local market.

– Connect with Influencers

A lot of professionals, experts, and influencers have adopted the internet and social media to spread their skills, knowledge, and expertise. They have hundreds and thousands of fans who follow their wise and entertaining posts.

They are known as social media celebrities and a single shout-out can bring tons of visitors to your website or social page. The benefit of connecting with influencers and making them feature your product or service in one of their posts is beyond your perception.


Digital marketing is a Pandora box of promoting a product or business online. It starts with search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), paid advertisement on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, email marketing, content and inbound marketing, podcasting, etc.

For any business to be successful in digital marketing, they have to select the right medium and social media platform. The combination of various free and premium tools makes it a suitable match for a business with any scale let it be small, medium, large or a corporate entity. The ability to evaluate the effectiveness of each tool is also an appealing factor to adopt digital marketing for your startup.

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